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10-22-2010, 10:32 AM
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See, this is where chemistry, physics, and math are so helpful. Oh and don't forget psychology

Are there any properties of titanium that help harness your body's "strengths"? Unlikely
Can a small (overpriced) necklace make your balance better? Think again.
Will it really increase your speed, shot, whatever based on wearing it? No.

But let's turn away from the hard sciences and look towards our wonderful other sciences.

I'm sure somewhere in psychology it says that the human mind can convince itself of something it knows is wrong. For instance, when pressured enough, innocent people being held by the police may admit to a crime they never did. Obviously the placebo effect is there, but if you tell someone enough times that tree stump looks like Gretzkey's head (in some obscure way) eventually you'll get them to believe it.

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