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10-22-2010, 10:47 AM
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Lol fun thread for car nerds. Anyways this is the order I personally would choose:

Infinite G35X or G37X 4 door sedan AWD. 2008
lexus 250 all wheel drive
Audi A4 Quattro S Line 2008 6 speed manual
Volvo c60 R 2007-2008

If the lexus is automatic switch it with the Audi A4 as I much prefer manual, but the G37 is the G37 plain and simple, but like someone else said the coupes are so much nicer.

Thing is though I prefer practicality. Yeah sure I want a Challenger SRT8 but when you start paying 40-50k for a sports car you no longer give a **** about practicality. When you're paying 1-30k for a car imo it factors in a lot more. For lower end cars I prefer 4 door, for high end I prefer the sexy coupe models because you're already paying a lot for the car you may as well take the one that looks sexiest.

That having been said the only car in the 30-35k range I'd get as a coupe is the Accord V6 Manual, why because its the closest thing to a prelude which I love (not as good mind you) and I don't want to pay to fix one up. The only sad thing is the car looks so sick but the civic si which is 4 cylinder and 100 horses less (might be 70 less going on memory) is actually faster. I remember the prelude used to basically be the 2 door version of the accord but better.

I really wish they'd bring back the prelude. But yeah it's basically the only car in that price range I'd sacrifice practicality for appeal. It's just so sexy, wish my dad had gotten the coupe

Have you considered looking for a 90s Si coupe? Would be a fun car to beat in the winter LOL don't be surprised if you start driving it in the summer too though.

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