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10-22-2010, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by CHill Seeker View Post
really? better than the 4 i mentioned?
For the money you will likely pay, probably. I'd do a quick search just to find out but I thought even a new CSX was pretty cheap. Not sure they make them anymore still though so might have to be used but if I remember correctly you could probably get the CSX Type S (highest end one) for the same price almost as you'd pay for some other used luxery cars lol.

I'd say it's the Acura equivalent of the 250, might not be better than a G37 in terms of luxery/performance though. The G37 is like 300HP but the Acura is a 4 cylinder 200hp beast. I wonder if the G37 is really that much faster, I know in terms of luxery it's definitely better, but that's not sleight on Acura really, Acura and Infinity are probably my two faves out of the luxery brands. BMW is actually pretty competitive now too and they have really nice cars now too, their newer gen cars look a lot nice then their past models in most cases. Might be worthwhile to see what you can find from BMW or Acura as I think you might be able to get better bang for buck.

It all depends on what you want though. Do you like to drive fast? Do you like luxery to the point of ridiculousness like lexus? Cause Lexus you really can get a lot of crazy options in some of their models, they're really leet but I don't know that I'd pay the difference in price. (Cars that parallel park themselves lol)

Also not sure if the 250 is really that great, the is350 was sick but I'm not sold on the 250. It's likely their version of the CSX, not sure on what the resell value of both would be though haven't looked, might be the 250 is cheaper. (After a quick look it's definitely the CSX equivalent, differences are RWD + 205HP v6 vs FWD + 200hp 4 cylinder) It's very debatable imo too cause the price is really there. Have you considered a new 250?

With Lexus you're getting performance and luxery, high end I'd say. (Save maybe the 250)
Same with Infinity. (Including the g37)
With Volvo not really sure cause volvo has never interested me, always hated their designs.
With Audi it's all about the german engineering, they do have some models like Acura that are pretty affordable and worth while.

I'm a Japanese technology guy. I love those import ricers like to me a dream car (ultimate) would be a fully pimped Supra, Skyline, Prelude, CRX, Accord EX-R, G37s, anything Japanese tweaked to the fullest of its potential. For a realistic car I could maybe one day get though it's gotta be American muscle. To be honest the only cars that generally don't interest me are lower end American and most German, but I've been a lot more impressed with Audi and BMW in recent time. In other words I'm all over the place but would likely never buy German personally.

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