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10-22-2010, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I doubt the suit would be filed directly at Rypien's bank account... he would be named, sure, but you're really looking at the NHL here.

And who is saying anything about a large sum of money... if the kid asks for something ridiculous, then it goes to court. If he asks for something reasonable (as stated above) they'll settle it and sweep it under the rug.

And, yes, SC would absolutely love the story of the NHL going to court fighting against a fan that one of their players shoved for no reason other than the dude was an opposing team's fan being an opposing team's fan near his bench. And, yes, a player (in any sport) going after a fan makes the league and its players look bad... the NHL wants this story to go away as quickly as possible.
That isn't how the legal system works though. You don't call up the NHL, Wild, or whomever and say ok give me season tickets or I'm filing a lawsuit or something like that. That is called blackmail. You file the lawsuit, the opposing party decides if it is worth it to fight and if it isn't they'll offer a settlement, but it won't be anything substantial, because if they lose it likely wouldn't be a large verdict. Hence, it is unlikely that that will happen because they will fight it to avoid admitting fault, and even if they lose, they won't be out any substantial money.

The TV thing is not an issue. I will wager any amount of money that if there is a trial or lawsuit in this matter it will get mentioned on SC that there is a trial, and then when it ends they will say what happened. There will be no coverage. They won't talk about it in the interim. The trial is on a Monday, on Tuesday no one will talk about it again.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Are you kidding? It makes for great TV (the replay) and the story itself is farcical. It's exactly the type of stuff ESPN eats up.
Yeah they eat it up when it first happens. But a weak ensuing lawsuit against an NHL player, the NHL, or Minnesota Wild, would not be all over the news. The NHL has been sued a multitude of times over the years and so have individual teams. If the kid was injured, I would be right on board with you. But nothing happened. The only time this incident will come up in the future is in the following situations:

1) This week's "Not Top Ten" on SC

2) If a lawsuit is filed it will be casually mentioned, same for if and when that lawsuit ends

3) Another incident of this type occurs

4) When Rypien plays after his suspension

Outside of that, it won't be mentioned again and no one will remember or care once this week is over.

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