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10-22-2010, 06:06 PM
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The team barely got 2 goals over the last 2 games, both were late period goals. If we were facing better teams, both would have been shut outs. We need to start scoring more, especially on the powerplay.

Phanuef needs to stop playing hockey like hes playing NHL 11 (and sucks at it), keeps chasing plays, pinches excessively. If anything, play it like those guys that have there hitting at 99 and just run at players, that would be better then getting caught deep in the zone, allowing a 2-1.

Already been said enough, but phanuef needs to hit the net. I say, aim low, instead of trying to pick a corner, most times the puck explodes of the goalies pads right out into the slot.

Versteeg needs to deke on those breakaways, everyone seems to be expecting that glove side shot.

Schenn needs to continue being Schenn.

Bozak needs to shoot a little more, stop nut hugging Kessel and hog it a little bit more for yourself.

Kaberle has been very good but sometimes I think hes just shooting for the hell of shooting. He needs to make things happen on the powerplay, he is the QB.

We need to step up our PP as a whole, we aren't good enough to get away with not scoring on the PP.

Our PK has been amazing but this will be a huge test, a PP with Richards, Pronger, Carter and Giroux to name a few. Defense needs to keep up its good work, even in our loses, we can take some pride that we only allowed 2 goals in each.

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