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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
The only thing you can derive from our current center situation is that our two best centers are under the age of 22, and have been two of our best players to start the year. Comparing those two to anyone is irrelevant. Until we see how they mature over the next couple of years, there's no point in trying to compare them to the rest of the league.

This premature speculation, and constant impatience, is the exact sort of mentality that gets this team into trouble financially. Stop trying to build through the free agent market. Let the kids mature. The fact that we're even seeing threads like this in the 2nd week of the season is a crystal clear indication of how Sather's horrible organizational management has filtered down to the fan base. People are already trying to buy a team for 2011-2012.
Excellent post. Made me wanna comment on something I saw somewhere on this board I forget where. It's ok to dream big and want the best team everyyear. it's even ok albeit irrational to want a dynasty, a consistent stanley cup contender but how often do teams have that? Washington. Pitt, Detrot, SJ with a random Chicago popping in. Befor them it was NJ, Detroit, Ottowa and a random but built team like Edm, Calgary, Carolina, TB would pop up for just one year.

Teams (not counting Detroit which we all know is an abomination haha) don't build consistent stanley cup contenders except with extreme luck. Think the Pats knew what brady would be? Did the Debs KNOW Marty would be possibly the best of all time? The Steelers almost got rid of T.B. One year earlier or later and Pitt maybe gets a different player 1 overall than Crosby. hell they got Fleury one year justy to show how random the results can be.

Demanding the Rangers build a consistent cup contender is just unrealistic and unfair. It defies the structure of modern sports as only a handful of teams from each sport will reach consistent championship contention status and since it takes years to unseat them it understandably means only 5 or 6 teams per 10 years can do it. Hoping however is realistic and I belive the team has given us reason to hope that in the near future with some luck we will hit gold for the first time maybe ever. If the Rangers had luckily chosen Parise, Datsyuk and Mike Green on top of Dubs, cally, Hank, Stepan, MDZ, and Cherepanov doesnt die then y'know what we'd be unstoppable and it would have been ALL luck. Easily EASILY could have happenned we passed all those picks up as did many others. But as much as we might be loathe to admit it to a degree the teams have only limited control over how propsects and FA pickups will turn out. SOmetimes with a Crosby or Redden you gotta know better. Other times it's not so clear.

Reading the team as it is now and making the silly comparisons b/t our 22 year olds and other teams superstars is just an exercise in frustration. maybe the illusion of knowledge allows some of us to feel like we have control over what happens so that when the team fails we can say "Oh but I KNEW how to fix it!" As if to say "I lost but I WIN"

I hope the team sticks with Arty and Step they are showing they are maybe not elite but they won't be far below it. They are two guys who can join Hank, Dubs, Cally, MDZ, Staal, and Gabs. If we can add another superstar or another two guys around what prospal was for us last year we will contend. And every offseason there are 1 or 2 guys like Prospal waiting to be snatched up. It def does not need to be Richards or Kovie or VC at this point.

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