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10-22-2010, 08:20 PM
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It's friday night and all, I might be rambling and sorry for going a bit OT here, but it still has some relevance to the future of HA.

You make some very good points, But I think you're underrestimating the tradition and fan-culture here. Swedish clubs have to depend very much on the fans.
My biggest concern is the removing of promotion and demotion of teams to and from the new Euro league/SEL etc. Just like with the bottom clubs in HA right now, the clubs left out might struggle to survive. With the bait missing, the thrill is gone. Why care about winning SEL when you can never be the best team in Sweden? And people just don't switch team like that. Can you see a SAIK fan converting to Lulea? A Timra-fan to Modo? AIK to Djurgarden? Rogle to Malmoe? etc. In about 15 years, the younger ones might, but by then their old team would not exist in its current state anymore.
Long term I'd say many teams in SEL and HA would be reduced to low-division teams. If they're not able to become farm teams, the Euro-teams might instead have new and local teams, or current low-division teams make up their farm teams. Fans of the current SEL/HA teams would
A: follow their old team, but more casual.
B: Casually follow both the old team and a Euroteam.
C: Follow a Euroteam.
D: Stop caring about hockey.

Sure, after some 15 years you'd have a real ”nhl of europe”,. But you would have killed the things I love about swedish hockey.

More on topic:
As it is, the gap between the top and bottom teams of HA is closing, while the interest in the league has never been higher. Loads of teams have a shot at Kvalserien.
Kiruna have sadly been robbed of potential players and many people there are cheering for Lulea/SAIK while only caring casually about their hometeam. Otherwise I'd love to have them back in HA. Pitea has the same problem as Kiruna but I think they're on the rise and have a big shot at HA in the future.
Björklöven will soon be in HA again, and if they can get their finance together they'll probably be able to qualify for SEL in a couple of years. Sundsvall have surprised me, but they're relying on loans and have too few spectators. With Timra being succesfull and that close it's almost impossible for them to climb higher.

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