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10-23-2010, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
You mean like Richards, who is only a season and a half removed from 50 assists?

Or Giroux, who clearly is the most gifted passer on the whole team?

Or Briere and Zherdev and Leino, who certainly have some passing skills?

Or vanRiemsdyk, who isn't a slouch in that regard either?

We have plenty of people who can pass. We need our finishers (outside of Briere, who's been doing a good job getting the puck in the net so far) like Carter, Richards, Hartnell, and vanRiemsdyk, to start putting the freaking pucks in the net.

To quote the Mighty Ducks: BANG HOME THE JUNK!

Really, that's all we need to do.

As for the teams on that list, the only teams that should have more goals per game than us by the end of the are DET and MAYBE CHI, TBL, and/or PIT. Our offense is that good. Right now they're not demonstrating that though.

as much as i appreciate your optimism, a rarity in philly sports, im starting to think that richards 80 point season is more of an outlier than it is a typical season for him. I watch other teams that posses a player with size speed and soft hand, and it seems that the offense flows through guys like that. And right now we dont have a player with all those skills. IM not saying that we cant win or put up big numbers with our players, but imagine if we had a guy like brad richards on the power play. I believe things would be much smoother, and scorers like briere and carter would benefit greatly.

Or it could be just a funk we are in, and we start lighting it up tonight against the maple leafs. Then disregard all comments by me.

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