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10-23-2010, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
"B-b-b but Spezza, Richards, NHL11 let me"

QUOTE: CBA expires 2012.
QUOTE: 3 KEY RFA's this summer.
QUOTE: 2+mil dollars(how much raise).


Thanks, Rangerboy, for further confirming what people grounded in reality already know.

Maybe this thread will open some people's eyes.

Anisimov is a heck of a player. With a chance to be elite. And what do you... He's a center?!!
More reality checks

Among the possibilities for the next CBA, we believe the league may explore the following issues:

Lower the percentage of the players' share from the revenue pie from the current 57 percent (which would obviously lower the salary cap).
Players want

Limit escrow. No word produces more of a lemon face on a player than escrow. Last season, the players forked over 18 percent of their bi-monthly paychecks, although once the final calculations for hockey-related revenue (HRR) are in, they'll likely get between 8-9 percent of that back. The bottom line is that the players will want to limit their exposure in escrow (in the NBA, players have a cap on escrow).

Lower salary cap for lower escrow?

CBA expires after 2011-12.

Rangers had to waive Redden to re-sign Staal and Girardi. Plus sign Frolov. Redden still counts on the summer cap next July 1-the end of training camp 2011. Girardi got his deal done early because he filed for salary arbitration. Staal had no leverage so the ying and the yang took place. Two summers ago,Callahan got his 2 year deal done early after he filed for arbitration. Dubinsky was the 2009 Staal. This coming summer,Callahan and Dubinsky are arbitration eligible again. AA is the 2011 Dubinsky/Staal with no arbitration rights. If Sauer establishes himself and plays the majority of the games,he will make more than the NHL minimum. He has arbitration rights too. The money will have to come from somewhere.

Where is that money coming from and where is the $7 million plus it will cost to sign a 31 year old Brad Richards coming from?

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