Thread: Rumor: Spezza?
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10-23-2010, 01:25 PM
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Let's look at this a different way.We know the Sens wanted Dubi in the Heatley trade so he's in the deal for Spezza.
Rosy needs to go to even out the salary's so he's in.
I'm sure a prospect needs to go so let's see--Grachev,McD,Stepan,Sauer or Kreider.The only 1 I would give up(and not easy)would be Grachev.
I wouldn't give up Arty or Cally like some have said.
Maybe the 1st pick comes into play because we have 2-2nd rounders next season.

Not sure why most people don't seem to think that we have the piece's to aquire Spezza.The way I see it and many other's your looking at,

Dubi(possible he won't re-sign with the Ranger's after this off-season)
Maybe Sauer(who could be replaced by McD or Vank)
And possible a 1st round pick.

Spezza will out produce both Dubi and Grachev this year alone.I also doubt Ott. will find a better package out there.Hurts losing Dubi and Grachev but we have to give to get.

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