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10-23-2010, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by raygunpk View Post
Maybe he just stickhandles near his heel. The puck is always on my heel more than any other part of the stick, no matter what the length is.
The puck is all over his blade when he stick handles:

Do you use a heel curve?

Really, the main way you will know if your stick is too long and/or your lie is not right *for shooting* is if your tape wears away way more right by the heel of the blade. Shot power and accuracy is simply better when you're putting the pressure near the middle of the blade (a touch towards the heel is fine/good, but not right by the heel), but since everyone has somewhat different shooting mechanics this could mean a real long stick for some people, or a real short stick for others. If your blade wears through tape like crazy at the heel, ask to borrow a teammates slightly shorter stick in practice/warmup, after a small adjustment period your wrist and especially slap shot should feel significantly harder and more accurate.

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