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10-23-2010, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by mammarye View Post
Let's Go Rangers!
Please beat the Bruins, I can't stand their team and moreso, their bandwagon fans.
Maybe it's personal with me because in college I roomed with the most ONOXIOUS Bruins fan you can imagine, but I just hate them!

I hate how they are so hyped up to be this loyal, hardcore fanbase when they are as fickle as you have seen.
When I went to college in Boston, from 1995-2008 (no, I wasn't in school THAT long), the Bruins were below the radar...we're talking NJ Devils low.

They drew 13,000 for a playoff, a PLAYOFF game in 2003.
In 2006, we invaded their house and were chanting MVP MVP to Jagr.
Then...all of the sudden in 2008...they start winning and's back to calling themselves a hockey town that just took a sabatacle because of Jeremy Jacobs.
Meantime we've been stuck with Dolan for over a decade and suffered through the crap of the 1980s with the smurfs, the late 90s teams which were hideous, and mediocracy that would cause the Bruins fans to move since the Cup, and what do we do?
Show in mass 18,200 at home and still travel on the road, and do we get ANY credit.

Nope, none. We don't get called a hockeytown, our fans and our town aren't recognized for being a loyla, hardcore base.
That goes to the frauds in Boston who back in 2007, had a lower STH base than Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh...I forgot to mention
1) Jack Edwards calls their games...who is a clown that was hired because his calls are so outrageous...they alone get the team on the 11 o'clock news.
2) Andy Brickley and his annoying accent does color.
3) Mike Milbury is seen as "god" by their base and cool.
4) Cam Neely is seen as the best power forward ever despite never scoring 100 points and missing games worse than Gaborik
5) Milan Lucic is called the next coming of Cam Neely

What an annoying, overrated fanbase...kick their butts and put 'em in their place!
Welcome back, mucker.

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