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10-23-2010, 01:39 PM
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Since I'm in the Memphis area, I would. Heh. (We've moved to a separate incorporated Memphis burb recently, but same thing, anyway.)

I think having a pro team in Memphis is a great thing for the whole state, just like I think having pro teams in Nashville is great for the whole state.

Really, since Memphis has gotten a new mayor (A.C. Wharton), I feel like the area is "looking up," so to speak. Herenton's (former mayor-tyrant) cloud of doom seems to be dispersing and more good things seem to be coming our way again. It will take time -- it took time for Herenton to send the city into the crapper, so it will take time to clean up his mess. I'm not a cheerleader for Wharton, but I know first hand he's a nice person -- I don't want the city to lose the Grizz at all, but I'd really hate for it to be on his watch.

Not sure how losing the team would shake out tax-wise, but I just have a feeling if Memphis took a financial/tax hit from losing the team, it'd be paid for one way or the other by folks all over TN. Kinda makes you wanna barf, but it is what it is. I think the same thing would happen if Nashville lost the Preds.

Honestly, the Grizz have not been able to overtake the popularity of Tiger basketball, but I don't expect they'll come close until they at least have a good, long playoff run to compete with the history of Tigers. FWIW, everyone knows the University is not going anywhere, so I guess it's also safer to invest your basketball love in the Tigers anyway.

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