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Originally Posted by Media Savvy Lee View Post
Dude, are you serious? Brian Bradley????? Brian Bradley the default TB Lighting all star?

And Tim Kerr was one dimensional. He stood in the crease and converted rebounds.

Neely was always injured because of the style he played. He fought. He hit. And Neely was an exceptional playmaker.

While I totally agree that he should not be in the Hall of Fame, you can't deny that he was part of an elite crop of players in his generation.

4 x 2nd team all star in a 7 year period. That's pretty impressive.
Neely was a very good player, a dynamic player, but who has been completely overhyped and overrated as this indestructable dominant force.

Where he to that extent, a Hall of Famer, he should've been topping 100 points and been a little less injury prone.

Kevin Stevens put up better seasons and numbers and isn't in the Hall of Fame.
Not saying Neely isn't better than Kevin Stevens, but for somebody as glorified as him you'd expect during an era where EVERYBODY was scoring 100 points...he'd have done better.

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