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10-05-2003, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
Nice post, Lowetide.

I for one am no fan of Lowe's. He has some good sides, but has plenty bad sides to him. I feel he is on the bottom half of the GM Pool. I would rank him ahead of idiots such as Barnett & Mike O'Connell, but behind some of the less-than-shrewd such as Riseborough and McPhee.

Lowe's major weakness is that he's only average in so many areas. He's pretty hit & miss with drafting. He nailed Hemsky it looks like, and did well with Comrie & Semenov. However, there have been a lot of average to poor picks - too many perhaps. His drafting record is spotty, but I would say average.

Trading - one of Lowe's major weakness', I'd say. A good 50% of the time, Lowe seems to outright lose a trade. Worst of all, was the Doug Weight trade which essentially doomed the franchise to mediocrity for a few years. There is no spin on this one, boys and girls. All that's left to show for Doug Weight is Marty Reasoner at the moment. Trades such as the Brewer trades and Guerin trades were not bad considering the circumstances, but certainly not great.

Free agency - Lowe is pretty hit and miss here, too. You're right about Staios - that was a stroke of genius. Unfortunatly, Dopita was a stroke of idiocy.

Lowe's biggest downfall however, is the contract table. Yes, he did well with Smyth this year, but Lowe has had some serious problems. He couldn't get Weight signed when other small market teams have been able to lock up their best players (Ottawa - Alfredsson, Vancouver - Naslund, Calgary - Iginla). He signed Mike Comrie to a stupid contract, regardless of the pressure. Brewer's contract is prooving to be a touch high. The recent long-term Moreau signing looks like a bit much, Laraque too has been kept around at far too high of a salary & for far too long. And I haven't even begun on the Tommy Salo contract.

Anyhow, Lowe is alright I guess. You can't continue to use the 'Small market club' lines though, when teams such as Minnesota,Vancouver, and Ottawa are screaming past the Oilers as they remain in neutral.

One last thing: While some consider this a good move, I must say, the hiring of Craig MacTavish was perhaps his dumbest move as GM. While I know some guys like him as coach, I personally think he's just not up to snuff. One of the worst coaches in the league, even.
Sure, you can say that some small market teams are doing better then the Oilers but guess what. They are all old and at their peeks. Do you think Bertuzzi and Naslund are going to get better? The only place they have to go is down, and that will come in a few years. The wild are full of a bunch of journeymen who are third and fourth liners, If Lemaire wanted to come to Edmonton and coach the Oilers would challenge for the division easily. Ottawa is great. They have been run better then any team in the NHL (not financialy, but as far as the hockey end goes). None of the small market teams that you listed as being better have near as good a future - they are all at their best. As far as the Oilers not drafting well I would have to ask what you are smoking. When Lowe took over the Oilers were probably in the bottom five in the NHL in depth. They had no good prospects, nothing but flop after flop after flop. NOW the Oilers are one of the top ten deepest organizations, and according to HF the Oilers last year were the fifth (I think it was fifth, something like that) best for prospects. You provided no arguement of why you said they aren't good draft, so I'm rather curious what makes you say that.

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