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10-05-2003, 02:39 PM
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All right, the thing is about Gaborik and Dupuis is the simple fact that they HAVE NOT PROVEN ONE DAMN THING IN THE NHL. They have shown what they can do, and how they can perform but if they can perform it consistanly throughout the years.

The thing is, and anyone can tell you, Feaster really screwed this up because of the Richards contract. Now every rookie that performs as well as Richards, wants his contract. It's giving GMs a headache.

The other thing is, the Wild and the Sens are both with young owners and have to manage their budgets wisely. Especially the Sens because they just dug themselves out of bankruptcy and I don't they want to head there again. The Wild are a young group, have a lot of investments to pay off and to see how their rookies progress so they can store away some money.

They are not that far off with Dupuis. Wild gave him 1 million for 1 year, Walsh said no and rejected it.