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10-05-2003, 02:45 PM
Mr Sakich
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mizral, If you had made random jabs at your keyboard with your eyes closed and wearing boxing mitts, the law of probability states you would have made more correct statments than you last post. It was completely wrong in every respect and that is an accomplishment.

I feel he is on the bottom half of the GM Pool. I would rank him ahead of idiots such as Barnett & Mike O'Connell, but behind some of the less-than-shrewd such as Riseborough and McPhee.

you meen the high payroll capitols who absolutley sucked last year or the minny team who is 23rd in the leage in developing prospects (the job of an expansion team gm is to build prospcts, any wins are pure bonus). Go to the main board and ask the posters to rank the gm and lowe is in the top 5 of every list.

All that's left to show for Doug Weight is Marty Reasoner at the moment.

don't tell this to stoll or Desaulier

Trades such as the Brewer trades and Guerin trades were not bad considering the circumstances, but certainly not great.

the islanders lose 10 mill a year and somehow hammer is a bargain? Ask boston if they would rather have devo and hemsky instead of watching dollar bill guerin with the stars.

Dopita was a stroke of idiocy

cost the oilers a third round pick. It was a gamble that failed and every gm takes chances every now and then.

He couldn't get Weight signed when other small market teams have been able to lock up their best players

you mean the sens who went bankrupt, the canucks who lost 20 million in two years before last year, and the flames who can't add depth because 1/5 of their payroll is one player?

Anyhow, Lowe is alright I guess. You can't continue to use the 'Small market club' lines though, when teams such as Minnesota,Vancouver, and Ottawa are screaming past the Oilers as they remain in neutral.

you mean minny who has made the playoffs once, the canucks who have 3 players and zero depth afterwords, or ott who benefitted from 5 top 5 picks before defaulting on widows' loans? Those are the model franchises?

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