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10-05-2003, 02:52 PM
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Wow, okay, going to cut and paste a bit of your post to address some of the points, hope you don't mind:

Originally Posted by thome_26
Sure, you can say that some small market teams are doing better then the Oilers but guess what. They are all old and at their peeks. Do you think Bertuzzi and Naslund are going to get better? The only place they have to go is down, and that will come in a few years.
Maybe, but the Canucks are one of the best young teams in the league. Bertuzzi is 28 - hardly all that old. In fact, Naslund and Bertuzzi are both only halfway through their hockey careers. They have at least 4 - 5 years left of good hockey in them (be it in Vancouver, another NHL team, or Sweden or whatever).

The wild are full of a bunch of journeymen who are third and fourth liners, If Lemaire wanted to come to Edmonton and coach the Oilers would challenge for the division easily.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Lemaire didn't have a job when the Oilers were looking for a coach. How is this an excuse? Are you saying Lowe didn't hire the best coach available and shouldn't be accountable for that? Note: The Wild are one of the youngest teams in the league. Don't underrate their youth, their farm team won the Calder Cup last year and was the best team in the AHL!

Ottawa is great. They have been run better then any team in the NHL (not financialy, but as far as the hockey end goes).

None of the small market teams that you listed as being better have near as good a future - they are all at their best.
Okay, forgive me for not seeing it, but I would suggest that the Wild & Oilers are similar in the youth department, whereas I would say Ottawa & the Canucks have better young players than the Oilers do. I would argue that the future of the Sens, Canucks, and Wild are at least as good as the Oilers. The Sens are filled with great young talent (Hossa, Havlat, Spezza, Redden), the Wild (Gaborik, Shultz, Bouchard, the-still-in-Finland Mikko Koivu, and now camp standout Brook Burns amongst others), and the Canucks (The Sedin Twins, Ed Jovanovski, Mattias Ohlund, Matt Cooke, and Brent Sopel)

As far as the Oilers not drafting well I would have to ask what you are smoking. When Lowe took over the Oilers were probably in the bottom five in the NHL in depth. They had no good prospects, nothing but flop after flop after flop. NOW the Oilers are one of the top ten deepest organizations, and according to HF the Oilers last year were the fifth (I think it was fifth, something like that) best for prospects. You provided no arguement of why you said they aren't good draft, so I'm rather curious what makes you say that.
You're right about Glen Sather. He was a horrible drafter, and things haven't improved.. but I still don't feel the Oilers are amongst the top in young prospects - yet. Who's the Oilers top prospect right now? Aside from guys who are going to be playing this season - Jesse Niinimaki? I'm not sure.

I don't mean to say the Oilers are bad drafters. They aren't. But they aren't amazing either. Really, only Comrie of the Lowe picks has shown that he can be a big scorer in the NHL thus far, and the one great pick in Hemsky looks great. The depth in the organization however, is seemingly lacking. The Roadrunners are going to have a tough go of it this year, after leaving Hamilton. The Roadrunners will be one of the weakest teams in the A next year, possibly. That can't be great sounding (though I should note the Albany River Rats [New Jersey Farm Team] never win anything in the AHL but churn out prospects like crazy).

I think there have been some very good picks by the Oilers brass. Hemsky and Comrie as I noted, but I actually feel the best pick that they have made will proove to be young Semenov. And some good other ones such as Deslaurier and Stoll which look good so far.

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