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10-24-2010, 01:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Scarfo View Post
I have such a headache...

After the 2008 postseason, Shane Victorino was a 27-year-old that would've fetched you a player or prospect significantly over that of his own value.

Same with Jayson Werth at age 29.

These assets depreciating and rotting in their hand produced a stench that only a World Series win could mask. And we're left with Billy Beane's nightmare: a bunch of overpaid, declining, 30-something fan favorites.

Ugh... and we beat the Tampa Bay Rays 2008... does that even count?
I know. It's our destiny as Philadelphia fans. That contract to Howard was a massive, MASSIVE mistake -- not that anyone outside of Ruben Amaro didn't know it. Howard needs to put weight back on this off-season and get back to being an actual home run threat.

Stil... there's no way you trade Victorino and Werth after a World Series win and then another appearance the following year. Come on. That's just not how it happens.

Also, 32 isn't THAT old for a baseball player. If anything, it's the sport where you can still be an elite player into your mid-30's. I say our window with this group of players is open for another 3 years. We just desperately need to start supplementing this core with younger guys. Hopefully Dom Brown starts that process next year.

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