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10-05-2003, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by lowetide
Risebrough? Boy, you're a tough guy to please. Lowe's in the top 15, I'd say. A quick glance tells me we can put him clear of Pittsburgh, Carolina, Florida, Columbus, San Jose, Nashville, Calgary, NYR, Chicago, NYI, Washington, Boston, Toronto, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, St. Louis.

Is that fair? That's 16 unless I listed someone twice. I won't debate Dallas, Vancouver and a few others, but at a glance I'd say he's just outside the top 10.

He didn't draft Comrie, Semenov. His first real draft year was 2001, and since then Hemsky is the only real impact guy. However, Markkanen, Stoll and a few others have made it. It's WAY too early to pass judgement on any of his drafts, but initial signs are very good.

The Oilers have finished with 93 points (00-01), 92points (01-02) and 92 points (02-03). Not exactly doomed to mediocrity.

The Weight trade has to be considered in context. Weight was on the verge of being offered a 5 million dollar/season package when Roenick's deal made any negotiation below 8 million impossible. Understanding he was less than a calendar year from ufa, Lowe dealt him to one of two teams Weight stated he would go to. The payoff, while certainly less than full value, has sustained the organization.

Dopita was a trade, and an attempt to address a weakness. I don't think it was idiocy at all. Didn't work out is all. I think maybe you're expecting perfection when clearly there is none. Burke has made errors too, as I recall.

Mizral, Weight was 30. He was an impending ufa. Naslund is at 4.5 (last season) and is 2 years from his ufa contract. Perhaps we can wait until he's a free agent then? That would be a fair comparison to Weight's deal.

Mizral, let me ask you something: were Oilers fans as glib as you are being in this post when their team was winning all those Stanley Cups?

I bet we waited until we won the first one before we acted this righteous.

I do not understand the reason for your post. Your are way over the line and I find your rantings offensive. This isn't a debate, it's a drive by.
Lowetide's reply cleary shows how misinformed Mizral is and this isn't the first time Mizral has spewed that kind of garbage in the Oilers.

The great thing about these boards is that everybody can voice his or her opinion. Word of advice: In order not to look like a fool, stick to a subject matter you actually know something like your little canucks. If not, this is what happens.

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