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10-05-2003, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by thome_26

There were some very off points he made, but I don't think he was being a jerk about it.
I'm really trying not to be a jerk about it!

Anyhow, Lowetide,

Sorry about the mistake of the Semenov/Comrie/Rita draft, I thought that was his. Like I said, you guys do know more about the Oilers than I do.

The fact that the Flames were able to reach into their pockets and shell out 5.5 - 7.5 million for Iginla but the Oilers weren't able to do the same for Weight bothers me though. I feel Weight would still be a 100-point man in Oilers silks right now. And the return was atrocious, no matter how you spin it.

In particular, I wanted to address a list of teams you gave that Lowe can say he's been a better GM than the following clubs you mentioned:


Pittsburgh, Carolina, Florida, Columbus, San Jose, Nashville, Calgary, NYR, Chicago, NYI, Washington, Boston, Toronto, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, St. Louis.
Pittsburgh? Craig Patrick has cup rings, my friend. Sure, he's had a rough go of it in Pittsburgh, but that man has, in my opinion, a lot of success. Debatable.

Carolina? Rutherford is, in my opinion, one of the top GM's in the league. Extremely shrewd. Yes, his team had a terrible year last year, but that may very well proove to be the exception. His team has made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, much, much further than Lowe has GM'd the Oilers to.

Florida? Rick Dudley has amassed perhaps the best group of young talent in the league, and the Bolts are only now reaping the benefits. While his workings with Hurme lately are questionable, I feel Lowe is about as good. Debatable.

Columbus? MacLean hasn't really shown me anything other than slam dunks (Nash & reuniting Cassels and Sanderson). I'd rather have Lowe.

Nashville? David Poile has amassed, again, one of the best groups of young players. Still, it's taking too long. Lowe, though Poile may be prooved better in a couple season.

Calgary? Sutter has is new to the job. Too early to tell. Debatable.

New York Rangers? Sather? Blech. Lowe by a landslide.

Chicago? Smithov? Blech. Same as above.

New York Islanders? Milbury? Blech. Same as above.

Washington? McPhee has made it to the SCF's and has put a competing team out there. Payroll or not, his team has done more damage than Lowe's in the post season, albiet in an easy conference. Debatable.

Boston? O'Connell is terrible. I'll take Lowe.

Toronto? Ferguson - too easy to say. Debatable

Tampa Bay? Feaster in his first year had the peices in place to get to the 2nd round. The hiring of coach Torterella (aside from infighting between the two) produced a coach of the year canidate. Feaster is well on pace to blow Lowe away, but it's still a bit too early. Debatable.

Phoenix? Barnett is an idiot. Lowe.

St.Louis? Pleau is.. well. Larry Pleau. This is one of those cases where you can say, 'Considering the payroll.'. This is debatable, but even still, I'll take Lowe.

Anyways, that's 8 guys there that I would say are probobly worse. Maybe a few of the others would be a bit worse, depends on whom you talk to.

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