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10-24-2010, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
For a last place team going nowhere....DP needs starts to get back into form and prove he can remain healthy.

Well, then let's forget that we're second in the East from hereon in with a chance this year.....or else we'd better start Rollie more often?

I feel great Rick is getting his third and final chance (I stretched the last part - I know this team) and I hope he improves and stops ****ing the bed. But we are either a team for the sake of one man or we're a team for the sake of all men. The bit**ing thread covered it....they play better with the steady and predictable Rollie in net for a reason: they know what to do. With Rick? They wait for the unexpected and react.

So Rick has to learn to be reliable and predictable. Until them, our backup has starter stats and our starter has AHL stats and we're discussing who we want to start based on either making it to April and beyond or based on getting everyone's fav in playing shape.

Sorry, winners do what it takes to win. We're not at that level as a fanbase or organizaion apparently and it makes me sick.

But I'm not gonna bash Rick. I will bash whomever is calling for him to start so much (especially given he's in bad shape knee wise and getting back into game form....what caution, what, me worry?).
It's a valid point. It used to work in the past, when Rick had the athletic ability to cover for when he made mistakes. Now it clearly doesn't.

Of all of the goalies to suffer that many injuries, Rick was probably the worst since his game relies so heavily on athletic ability.

He has to learn to adapt or sink. He clearly isn't going to be the same goaltender.

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