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10-05-2003, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by thome_26
ha, to hear somebody talk about the Oilers fan support is commical. The Wild's fan support will dwindle, as they again get used to having a team. If Edmonton didn't have a team for the 90's then all of a sudden were back they'd sell 20k a night. Per capita the Oilers are supported better then any other team in the NHL. So if Mcphee is good cause years ago his team over achieved and got to the finals.... then is Sather still good? And also, the whole financial thing situation and selling tickets would have to be the CEO's (or what ever you would like to call them). Even if the Oilers were highly unlikely to make the playoffs, Laforge has did such a great job of making the Oilers an integral part of Edmonton they'd still have one of the best capacity ratings in the NHL.

I wasn't talking about the Oilers fanbase.. actually, I feel the OIlers fanbase & the Wild fanbase are quite similar - very rabid hockey fans.

Yeesh, you don't have to get so defensive. I wasn't taking a slam at the Oilers - maybe you boys ought to realize I actually *LIKE* the Oilers, and watch plenty of their games and *gasp* ROOT for them 90% of the time (outside of when they play my Canucks).

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