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10-24-2010, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
Actually, only 7 of the past 25 overall regular season winners have gone on to win the Cup and the only two teams to finish with more points than the Capitals (121) had last year also didn't win the Cup. Sure, good teams are good.
It's been at least 35 years since a low seed won the Stanley Cup. The best regular season team may not always win, but one of the best regular season teams usually does.

I'm not convinced the Caps will do much of anything with their current goaltending and lack of clutch defense. They are talented, but so were the Mets 3 years ago.
Sorry, but that is a comparison that makes little sense to me. As for clutch defense, I think John Carlson takes care of that issue nicely.

Okay - but since we were talking about how organizations have been run since the lockout, I really don't think you can throw TB in the mix since they haven't accomplished anything yet. They're off to a good start - but even if they make the playoffs and go into the second round, they still haven't been the better organization over the past 6 years.
They've also gone through the ringer with ridiculous ownership issues. Things just got settled there, and they have one of the best young GMs in the league, and he gets to start with a franchise player at forward and a franchise player on the blueline.

And collapsed. Historically collapsed. If the Rangers had done that, this place would be tearing down MSG and firing the coach. Did the Bruins fire their coach?
So? What's your point? I wouldn't have been one of those people. It's one thing to blow it to a worse team. IMO, the Flyers were a better hockey team at every position except goalie.

You're enamored with scoring and sometimes overlook the bigger picture.
I could say the same regarding you and our deep, but lacking in high-end talent prospect pool.

I'm not going to analyze each and every player above. They're a good young team. I've already said so, but there are much better teams than they are in the West.
I think you're going to find that this isn't the case going forward. They're going to be up there with DET, CHI, VAN, and SJ.

Downie is a "great player"? Ryan Malone? Hedman? Even Vinny hasn't been Vinny in quite some time. Stamkos is a monster. St. Louis has had an unbelievable career and tons of heart. I think TB will be much improved, but if Ryan Malone and his 20 something goals is a "great player", then I guess we have great players in Dubinsky and Callahan.
Come on, I clearly didn't mean Downie or Malone as great players. But they are solid role players that are nice pieces surrounding Stamkos, Hedman (and yes, he will be a great player), Vinny (overpaid but a 70 point center with his abilities is nice to have when you also have Stamkos), and St. Louis will continue to be good for at least 2 more years. When he's gone, they'll have Connolly to replace him (if he stays healthy), who would have been a top 3-4 pick in the draft if it wasn't for his injury history.

Totally disagree. Unless the CBA changes, the Kovalchuk contract is HUGE albatross that will haunt that franchise for YEARS - not even getting into how many picks it cost them, players it cost them, and $ it cost them. It makes Drury's 2 years seem like a walk in the park. Gomez? He's long gone, and we got back tons of value and a great player. Not your strongest argument. Redden is gone, too.
6.6 million for a 27 year old perennial 40 goal scorer. It'll be an albatross when he's 36, maybe. Till then, it isn't going to be a big problem for them. They'll miss those picks, but in the end, it's not likely they'd have drafted anyone nearly as good with those picks anyway. The only reason they have cap problems right now is Rolston.

Nylander had more value than Drury? Huet? Really? C'mon.
No. Like I said, the really bad ones were shipped out like Redden.

Serious offensive players? I'll give you Elias. Sykora? Mogilny? Madden? Mogilny was there for one out of three cups. Sykora scored 30 goals twice in a career that spanned 15 seasons, Madden has scored 20 goals twice in his career. Arnott had better years in Edmonton and Nashville than he ever had in NJ. Their defensive core and goalie were elite - and the reason they stopped winning wasn't forwards, it was no more Norris trophy candidates like Nieds, Stevens, Rafalski, etc... We're not talking your type of 1st line player here - Crosby, Ovechkin, Stamkos, Getzlaf, etc... the Devils had no one like that to win their Cups.
When they won the cup, Sykora and Elias were phenomenal. Both PPG players. Mogilny was past his prime, but still a very effective goalscorer. Madden is one of the better defensive forwards of the last 25-30 years (as was Holik), I would say, and Arnott was a true power forward, a position that dominated in this league at that time. They were built perfectly to take advantage of the way the league was situated then. They had enough very good offensive players to score, and they had phenomenal defensive presences both on the blueline and upfront. Wasn't just that the lost defensemen. The league has also changed, and they're adapting to it.

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