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10-24-2010, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by RWWallpaper View Post
I will never understand why so many fans and mods get so bent out of shape when people rip any player...don't they have a right to how they feel FFS?

I am not a DP hater at all and don't think he's looked all that bad but that's MY OPINION. Who am I to tell others how to feel? I simply ignore the posts I think are unfair and absurd and I think the Mod's should do the same...trying to control what's going on in the GDT when no one is being threatened in any way shape or form is ludicrous from where I stand...when it comes to mod's on message boards, less is more. No reason to try and ban DP hate speech from Islander fans because they have every right to feel as they do and voice those concerns ANYWHERE they so desire...just my two cents.
It's different. There's opinion with educated support, and then there's opinion for the sake of opinion. The latter doesn't really add anything to the discussion, considering it doesn't take well to educated support.

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