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10-24-2010, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Groin Of Bates View Post
The fact remains, and I agree 100% with OTH, if this team is serious about winning then you play the goaltender that gives you that best chance. As of today, that goaltender is Roloson. Roloson should have started last night's game (whether we won or lost it) and he should be given majority starts until he takes himself out of it through his own play. Rick does need to play to "get back" (if he ever does that again anyway), but unfortunately this is the NHL and wins matter. I don't feel comfortable with him in net at this point and I'd like to win now and gather points while we're hot. The players also seem to emulate this on the ice in their style of play between the two netminders. Again, this all depends on whether the mentality surrounding this team is serious.

I am not a DP hater and I want him to return to old form, if it's possible. I think we'd have one of the most dangerous tandems in the league if this, I am a fan of him. I think Izzo also hit the nail on the head when speaking about his agility back then compared to now.

As of today, the team looks decent. We can score and the defense, for the most part, is better...without our top-players. Play to win and play the people who give you that best chance. It's that simple. Until he fails, that man has been Roloson.
I think it's entirely possible to be serious about winning and still play DP more than Rolo right now, even though I agree that Rolo is playing better. Partially, because as you suggest if DP returns to form, or even close to it, we have an extremely strong tandem in net, and that bodes well for a full 82 game season. And the best way for him to do that is by playing.

But more importantly, is the simple fact that DP is signed for many years still and we are stuck with him, for better or worse, for the foreseeable future. Right now, it is important to get him game time, in order to figure out what sorts of workloads he's capable of and what level he can play at, as it makes it more possible to figure out and plan out the future of this team. The team won't always make the decisions that are best for winning the game that night with DP, but with luck, they could help us win more games in the future. We're in the 3rd year of Garth's 5 year rebuild plan, so development is still a major goal of the season. I see DP as a part of that. And we're 2-1-2 with him, so it's not like playing him is giving up on a chance to win.

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