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10-24-2010, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by JKP View Post
The guy's coming back from nearly two years without playing. He needs some reps to get his groove back. This team is about long-term competitiveness, not necessarily winning right now. For that reason, DP needs his playing time to get back to form. Roloson is not the future of this team.
I don't think we Isles fans should have to settle for this attitude anymore, regardless of the result.

I'm sure most of us agree that the 18 skaters on the ice are starting to think it's time to win.

Didn't DP say himself before the season, "No excuses," and **** rebuilding, we're in to win? These sentiments were in newsday, and tsn. The team's not settling for a rebuild year - why should we?

I've noticed 3 things about the Isles this year, just form the 8 games played.

1) The players react far more comfortably when Roloson is in net.

2) The fans react far more comfortably when Roloson is
in net.

3) The team is more likely to suffer (hopefully only in the short term - yes, I'm capable of optimism) in the standings if DP uses NHL games to work out his kinks. Why should the team suffer? Isn't that what AHL rosters are for?

I really wish they'd have pulled up Poulin or Koskinen for the short term and let DP get 10-15 games on the bridge (if it's allowed....I just worked 15 hours and can barely remember my middle name let alone those rules.) He needs time to un**** himself, and if he can't do so constructively on the NHL roster, it will be the roster AND us fans that suffer from it.....and this is coming from a DP SUPPORTER!! I'd love nothing more than to see him regain his form from when he almost could play a little like Hasek, but I want the Isles as a team to be successful WAY more. Finally the team is playing clutch and it's starting to look like DP (despite a strong showing in TB) is more the detriment on the ice, getting bailed out by 18 year old kids rather than 5 years ago when it was the other way around.

I'm not grabbing the pitchforks and torches yet, but if the team starts suffering en masse due to DP's mistakes, I know which side I'm taking.

/end vent.

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