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10-24-2010, 10:33 PM
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Welp, this is how I see the DP situation.

Right now, he should be our #2 for two reasons.

1. Currently, he is not as good as Roli.

2. This is his 1st season being healthy in a long time. Lets not **** it up.

1. At this point, Roli is the better tender, plain and simple. Thats no shot at DP, its just true. Its obvious that he is rusty from all the time away. We're currently off to a good start, so lets give us the best chance to win and start Roli the majority of the times. It should be a 2/3-1 ratio until DP PROVES IN MULTIPLE GAMES that he is capable of being our #1. Am I saying DP blows? No. Im just saying that Roli is better right now. Later on this season, DP could be the better goalie.

2. How many games has DP played in the past 3 years? How many more years is he signed for? Why do we feel like we must play DP as the starter if he is not playing like it? We have DP for 10 more years, so lets take it easy. Lets just get through a season w/o DP getting hurt. Having him play 30 games this year would be a HUGE success for him.

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