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10-25-2010, 08:30 AM
Chapin Landvogt
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I wonder what the players think?

I wonder what their reaction is when they hear Dipi is going to be in goal again?

I'm willing to bet that the good majority of them feels Roloson is currently the better goalie; and they'd be right.

There are alterior motives behind having Dipietro in net now. Surely Snow and Gordon know that they can always lean on Roloson if they need to, so they want to use this part of the season to see just what Dipietro is capable of handling. I thought they'd slide him in easily, but this is really full speed ahead at the moment. Who knows, it might be the right way to go. It's not like Dipi has been blown out of the water yet, although he has given up a few goals that likely wouldn't have come with Roloson in goal. Then again, he's stopped a few things nicely as well. No guarantee that those things don't go in with another goalie in net.

Dipi's started six of eight, eh?

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