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10-25-2010, 09:23 AM
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I find it funny that we have a thread dedicated specifically to criticism of one player. Let's assume that it's meant as "constructive criticism" about goaltending in general, otherwise it's just a forum to bash the goalie. If that's the case, we should have one for Wang and Snow and Gordon, to start.

Do contracts dictate who plays? Yes. Unless you're NJ who can afford to pay $100 million dollars for a healthy player to watch them play, the contract does matter. The contract is a reflection of the team's commitment to the player, right or wrong. They chose DiPietro as their goalie of the future and the negotiated term was for 15 years. That's a strategic decision made by the current owner and they have every right to give the player a chance to regain his form.

I agree that Roloson is a better goalie right now, not even close. If the team were to believe that they could address their goaltending one year at a time, given what was available on the UFA market then I'd be just as concerned, strategically, as giving a 15 year contract to a goalie. They are both flawed strategies.

Dealing with the right now: You have to play BOTH goalies with a skew on DiPietro. The team believes, and I agree, that a DiPietro at 100% is far better than Roloson at 100%, not just for this season, but for the next five seasons.

Are you "throwing away games" by playing DiPietro ahead of Roloson? Easy to say so after a loss. Would Roloson have played as well as he did in Toronto? Nice to have hindsight.

It's not as though DiPietro is playing like a young Yann Danis out there. He's playing well, he's just not playing fantastic, which is understandable. He looks great at times and he looks like he's missed two years at other times. He's (incredibly) moving very well in goal, he seems very active and agile in the crease, ala Tim Thomas, and that's very encouraging.

I wonder how this board would respond if he'd stopped that Dvorak shot (which he almost got) and had Tavares added a 4th goal to win the game (that's certainly plausible given the touch around the net he has - of course Parenteau would have gotten an assist).

Let's give DiPietro time.

To me, it's no different that giving a "chance" to players like Schremp, Grabner, Niederreiter, Parenteau, Moulson, except you actual OWE IT to yourself (as the owner, as the franchise) in terms of DiPietro (given his TALENT and his contract).

If anyone deserves a pass it's DiPietro.

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