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10-25-2010, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by DaMick View Post
Do people have the right to vent in a GDT an extent sure.

But this DP stuff has gone a bit overboard...and i thought myself he had played like **** yesterday.

It went waaayyy Off Topic.

This is a family friendly site and there are site rules that have to be followed.

and heres one of them.

The fact Sal set up this DP critcism thread ...should show that we the Mods are giving alot of leeway on this board on this topic.

btw...This isnt directed to anyone specific but..i hate to break this to some of you but this is a private message board,and if people dont like the way its run.... plenty of other sites that people can go to.

Now back to the main topic...

DP shouldnt be the #1...but with his contract what do you expect?
As any business thats invested heavily in someone,they need to see if he can ever be a #1 goalie again...or just move on.

Which i think will be decided within the next 2 seasons before the lockout.
Since when does player critisism interfere with this being a "family friendly site"?...I don't get that at all. I agree that use of certain language and such should be censored because there can be young people reading these posts and they should not be exposed to that kind of behavior.

That said, why would someone ripping any player be the cause for others to get so bent out of shape? Whenever you start to censor how people respond on a message board you end up with an sterile, watered down version of how people really feel. I don't think that helps any of the parties involved.

I appreciate that this is a private message board that can govern itself anyway it sees fit. I get that and respect it. However, we are the ones who make places like this possible and should not be subjected to that kind of censorship as far as I'm concerned. I also happen to agree with Sal that the criticism of DP is absurd and over the top most nights...but so what? I just skim past them and leave those posts behind. I don't see the need to take such dramatic steps towards removing them from the GDT's.

I have said my piece and won't bring it up again out of that aforementioned respect for those who rule here. The Mods have a tough job and do a very good job of keeping order here...I just thought, in this particular instance, it was unnecessary...but hey, that's just me.

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