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10-25-2010, 10:42 AM
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Fans are idiots, yes. But you have to give them a reason not to be. Who knows, maybe it would have been a half and half ovation last night had he been the first star like he deserved. You gotta start somewhere.

There are several athletes in this town that were booed unmercifully, even owners that changed their image through success. George Steinbrenner used to get killed by the fans but he worked himself into a God. Arod was killed for years and then redeemed himself (for the most part). But they were allowed to be recognized in that fashion. I know its a little bit of an apples an oranges comparison, but its New York, you deal with it.

The Rangers preach team identity, sticking up for one another, resolve - all these great proud aspects. Yet their management are a bunch of hypocrites and don't adhere to the same values. Show some faith in him and some of the fans out there that arent idiots.

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