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10-25-2010, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by On Edge View Post
Could not disagree more.

If anyone should have to prove himself and earn his position, it is DP. If it were not for his contract, he'd be fighting his way back in the AHL. That is the truth. It's not DP hate, it's the way it is (or at least my strong opinion).

My own personal opinion is that DiPietro has been for the most part, largely over rated. He has had his moments to be sure where he has had very good runs (so have many other mediocre goalies) but his downfall is the way he plays where that part of me thinks "oh my god just stay in the net......nooooooooooo don't do that!!!!!". You can count on at least least one or two boneheaded decisions OUT of his net every game (and I'm being very generous here). If he were a defenseman, people here would be calling for his head.

He would be a far more effective goalie if he adjusted his game to let it come to him rather than being aggressive in net. When he is at his best, he lets the puck come to him and does not overplay it and absorb shots and let's the D do their jobs. I think everyone can agree on that.

The way this team plays (aggressive forecheck...quick collapse in defensive zone) we are far better off with a conservative approach in net that compliments the style of the aggressive nature of the rest of the team. That is why Rolie fits better and the team plays better with him in net.

I would hate to play defense with DP in net. Too much confusion and hesitation because no one never knows what "play" DP is going to want to make. He hurts this team by his poor positioning OUT of the net far more than his play between the pipes. He causes players to have to change their own game and over compensate and commit because of how this is how DP WANTS to play. He screws them up.

Watch the defensemen on opposing teams as soon as you can see him handling the puck behind the net, they go right to the boards as soon as he starts "thinking" about what he wants to do. Then the opposing D stop it almost every time. If DP does not send it around the boards, he will attempt to send right up the middle of the ice.

It's not even the turn overs he causes but because of the way he plays - and has always played - he causes other players to make mistakes because of his consistently unpredictable decision making.

Sounds like you just don't like DiPietro as your #1 goalie. I think that's a fair point and I won't argue that with you.

You, like many fans, would prefer a goalie play more like Roloson. Stay in the net, don't pretend to be a defenseman, etc.
Even if 100% healthy, you don't like his style of goaltending, you don't believe it's best for the defense and best for team success.

Your point is that, contract aside, Roloson's better both in style and in overall goaltending. He gives the team a better chance to win.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.
I won't argue the merits of a goalie who just stops the puck, controls rebounds and stays in his net. But that's not DP, never has been.

I believe a goalie that can move the puck well can really help a team and the defense - Brodeur did that with great success for a number of years, as have several others. DiPietro does that extremely well and YES, he often gets himself and the team in trouble. Does he turnover the puck as much as Jurcina or Gervais or Wisniewski - debatable (but that's not the point you make so let's leave it at that). The team needs to adjust to how DP plays and vice versa, that will take time.

In terms of PURE GOALTENDING, DiPietro's a very talented and athletic goalie who can make both spectacular saves and win games. He did that singlehandedly for many years before he got hurt, on some of the least talented teams ever assembled in pro hockey. It's a SMARTER move to help DiPietro get back to that level than it is to play Roloson for 50 games each year.

Sure, the contract is a huge part of it, no doubt. But he was signed to that contract because the team believed he was TALENTED enough (with compete level, a love for Long Island, etc) to be their goalie. Before he got hurt, he was looking like he would be that superstar the team needed and a player the team could win with. Let's not forget that.

DiPietro's disappointed ONLY with his injuries - hardly something he has control over. He never disappointed with his commitment to the franchise, his work effort and his willingness to battle, practice hard and to win games for THIS FRANCHISE.

Rather ironic when you consider how many fans whine about players who "refuse to come to this ****** team and ****** building"

We often overlook that and evaluate him simply on his last intercepted clearing attempt, not on the player who was showing real promise and immense talent before he got hurt.

I think Roloson's a great goalie, I believe that TODAY, in ANY ONE GAME, he probably is the goalie that gives the Islanders the best chance to win. But to me, that's a small point. This team is building to become a perennial contender for many years. This is long after Roloson is gone and DiPietro is the most talented goalie, with the highest upside, they have, regardless of contract.

Roloson, today, may be better than DP not unlike Weight, today, is better than Niederreiter.

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