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10-25-2010, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Dice on Ice View Post
So will we conveniently ignore him being the reason the Isles won the game in TB?

How 'bout giving the guy more than 4 games to fully return from what was essentially a two-year absence? He shook off the general rust after like 2 games, and something tells me he's smart enough to work out the rest of the kinks as he goes along.
i agree with this, but i get the frustration (and the reason for this thread). fans don't want to wait for a guy who, as soon as he get's the rust off, will probably just get reinjured. i only say that because it will take a miracle for this guy to be healthy for a season, let alone the rest of his career. i'm talking about the nature of his injuries and the type of recovery someone can expect post-surgery.

name another star goalie who spent so much time on the shelf. they rarely exist and rarely return for good. unlike many, i commend ricky. i don't think he's the same brash guy that we foolishly based an offseason around a decade ago. i'll even go one step further and say that i think that i'm comfortably giving him 25 starts in the first 40 games to see if he can find his game. But come game 41, if he's still looking rusty, you've got to switch to Rollie. it's only fair to everyone else on the team at that point.

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