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Originally Posted by Samkow View Post
Blaming him for 2007 is insane. He was hired in mid-June, not nearly enough time for him to be able to make educated moves.

Would you not argue that the 08-09 Jackets looked primed to make a move up? For you to say that Filatov/Brassard/Voracek had the question marks they have now is pure revisionism. Don't forget adding Vermette at the trade deadline.

So that leaves us with one bad off-season of pitching potentially false hope. Not fun but not enough to warrant a pink-slip.
So, here was the hiring meeting:

JMac: So, you can start immediately then?

Howson: Well, define "immediately"? I plan to draw a paycheck immediately, but I expect I'll do nothing this first offseason.

This is laughable. The man was assistant GM of another NHL team. So, I'm not buying the "dog ate his homework" excuse. He was plenty prepared when he came in. That was why we picked him (second). The only reason I ever gave him any cover for this was on the presumption ownership had pretty much told him nothing could be done until Foote and/or Fedorov were off the books. We'll never know for sure if that was the case or not. (And I have argued for some time that it was unwise to not taper in by spending some that first off-season instead of having to blow as much as they did the off-season and making a bone-headed acquisition like Commie in the process.)

As for last year...go back and look at my predictions. Just because you assumed some great ascent for the kids, didn't mean I assumed as much in predicting where the Jackets would finish the season. And I certainly expected Filatov to do much better than he did, but I've never been wholly convinced Brassard is a bona fide #1 center or that Jake Voracek is the scorer that some on here seem to think--I believe I have previously termed him the "New Vyborny." Again, if a novice like me was smart enough to figure out that Brassard et al. weren't the new Toews and Kane, how was a professional like Howson so dumb as to make that sort of assumption. The sort of assumption that this Board has, in the past, constantly (rightly) blasted our prior GM for making.

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