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Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post
The mindset going into 2009-10 (and I'm 100% sure that I recall this correctly) was that Brassard and Vermette would hold down the top two lines (not necessarily in that order) and Manny would be the third line center, if he came back. Instead, Manny held out for a larger contract than Howson was willing to give him. Seeing that Pahlsson was available and was the proven playoff performer that Manny was not, they decided to throw the bucks at Pahlsson instead.

Maybe you don't remember that Brassard had shown top-six line potential in his abbreviated 2008-09 season and many of us (iincluding me) were counting on him to pick up where he left off.

But don't let the above fool you. I'm the crazy one, right?
I understand the rational. However, I was also the one saying don't rely on a kid coming off a major injury with only a 31 or so games of productive experience to take one of your top six center jobs. A critical job. One that we didn't even know if he was ready for, even with his offensive performance the year before. It's clear now that he wasn't ready for it. Hopefully we're seeing signs that he finally is.

I was the one saying we didn't have a backup plan. We didn't and we paid for it. When it was obvious that Brass was struggling, Howson didn't make a move. It was a tactical mistake.

The team paid for it. The fans paid for it. Ownership paid for it.

Was it reasonable to hope Brass would be ready for it? Yes. Was it reasonable for Howson to not sign a veteran center for a year or two, capable of playing in the top six, as a backup plan in case Brass failed? It should have been done.

I don't think you're crazy. I think you're letting off Howson way to easy. I also think you are ignoring the end state of that playoff team in favor of the imaginary land of Fairyville.

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