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10-25-2010, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by SUNRISE27EMTK View Post
I understand that he is coming off 2 years of not playing but do we waste a season for one player to try to get better? If I was on the team and I was told that we are playing DP so he could get better. I would be asking for a trade. DP has not earned the right to be the starter. Thats it. Future? He may not be here in the future due to his injuries nor may not regain his form. So we waste another season on DP alone. Roli may not be the future but DP also is in the same boat.

If we are being told that our team is trying to make the playoffs, then Roli should be the starter until DP proves he is #1
do you really think Roloson is THAT MUCH better than DiPietro today? Seriously?

Is this because of ONE BAD game against Florida? He wasn't even that bad in that loss, he made some nice saves and you could hardly fault him on the winning goal. Outside Tavares, the whole team played poorly IMO.

Against TB he was incredible.

Do we expect Roloson to play every game like he did against Toronto? Is that an expectation that's realistic?

I ABSOLUTELY believe you have to give DiPietro time to get his game back, for the benefit of THE TEAM, not DiPietro.

If you think that starting DiPietro is somehow reflecting "not winning now" I strongly suggest you look at the bigger picture. Like using Yashin's buyout money and not placing Streit on LTIR to have enough cap space to hit the cap floor.

Signing Moulson last year was a calculated (cheap) risk.

Signing PAParenteau in the off-season and GIVING HIM first line minutes alongside their prized #1 overall pick is a joke, not a strategy.

Having 2 waiver pickups in the top 9 is screaming of "not winning now"

Playing Bailey for two years when he clearly didn't belong or even keeping Niederreiter this year tells me, as a fan, that we don't plan to compete this year.

I'd have been happier and more convinced that "winning now" mattered if we did what Phoenix did last year with their roster.

The Islanders are NOT PLANNING TO win now, they are HOPING they can win now GIVEN the roster decisions they've made. I'm not saying they won't continue playing well and maybe they have a shot at the playoffs but if you think DP's on the list of "why this team doesn't win now" I suggest he's an unnecessary fan scapegoat for a franchise who hasn't seen much playoffs at all under the current owner/regime.

I feel like I'm defending DiPietro for some odd reason - I think Roloson is a better goalie today, to be clear. But not allowing DiPietro the proper game-time to get better is completely absurd to me, contract or no contract.

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