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Originally Posted by AndreD View Post
Length is about 10 1/2 and width just under 4 - measurements arent really precise a ruler isnt great for this. I probably have a very slightly higher than usual arch but not significantly, I also know that I have a low ankle and crooked toes (I have no idea how much of this is helpful)

Ive checked and the only shop which I could realistically get to is back home in London. Im in oxford atm, the skate shop here only stocks CCM Vector 3.0 at double the price theyd cost online, I'm all for buying from a shop but not if there is only a choice of one.

Thanks for all the help
Make sure you measure really accurately, using books parallel to each other like I said. There's a big difference between feet that are, say, 10 1/2" and 10 3/4" inches long, and just under 4" or just over 4". For example, my feet are just under 10 3/4" long, just over 4" wide, and IMO fairly volumous in general, and I wear a size 9, E width, but if your feet are just a bit smaller, say 10 1/2" by 3 7/8" you might be more of a size 8 (or even 7.5 if you like a really tight fit), D width (all US, not UK sizes, and based on Bauer Supreme skates, most skates are fairly similar to Supremes size wise, but some are much different). In general skates will fit 1.5 sizes smaller than a proper fitting shoe, what is your US shoe size? If at all possible it really is best to try on plenty of skates in a store, but if that's absolutely not possible give really accurate measurements and myself (and/or others) can do my/our best to recommend the right size/width, though the brand that works best for you will be more of a crap shoot, as it's hard to accurately quantify other aspects of the shape of your foot.

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