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10-25-2010, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Roadman View Post
The ideologue label was your tag from a previous discussion.

Very well, since your issues seem to go beyond what you want to discuss let's let it go at that and agree to disagree.

Yep, I know where it was coming from.

Agree or disagree on his job performance and I'll be happy to debate. Hopefully productively. You can't really agree or disagree with my other reasons.

I'm only trying to be fair to the readers and let them know that I am indeed biased on Howson. However, with his performance with the roster (pro and farm) I'll continue to be fair (even if you don't think I am). I think he's doing a decent job with the farm system. It could turn out that he's doing a real good job. We'll be able to judge that better in a couple of years.

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