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10-25-2010, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Fro View Post
i dunno...i see him trying to stock us up and building the future for the team, yeah, I know he's done "little" for the current. like DSL said, i agree with his plan...and i see it...his follow thru has been lacking...

I'd like to see another major move to improve the team (#1/2 defenseman, #1 center) but not sure he can pull it off with what we have while not taking on the salary...
Every team is building for the future. I think it is still open for discussion as to how successful Howson has been at doing so. He's yet to really hit a home run in the draft. He's had one marquee trade. And he's been pretty horrible at the free agency game.

Any number of excuses can be crafted for all of these deficiencies (bad draft position, not enough "bullets," budget, lack of free agent interest in Columbus, etc., etc.), but at some point the difference between a good GM and a bad GM is the ability to make things happen. Howson made things happen his second year here, but seems to have lost his way since. I'd like to know the reason, but it is unlikely I will ever here it come from his mouth.

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