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10-25-2010, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
What? That a highly talented team of superstars doesn't mean you'll be any good? It makes perfect sense.
The Mets weren't a highly talented bunch of superstars. They had tons of holes on that team, and they obviously didn't reach that level of success again. They're also a horribly run baseball franchise, while the Caps are one of the best-run hockey teams. The Mets have an awful farm system. The Capitals have a phenomenal one.

Again, obviously we won't change one another's minds, but don't be surprised when the Capitals are in the conference finals this season or next. I imagine they'll be making a few appearances there over the next few years. The Rangers...well, let's just say I don't expect to see them there anytime soon.

That doesn't change the fact that they haven't made the playoffs in years, have an unproven GM (despite your prognosis), and haven't performed as well as the NYR since the lockout. It's not even debatable. Why persist?
Who's debating the past? I'm talking about now. They have a completely different owner, front office, and coaching staff. Their unproven GM will be an executive of the year soon.

The point was would I rather have the Bruins or the Rangers - I'd rather have the Rangers. The Mets collapsed, too, and never recovered.
They collapsed in the second round to a better hockey team. As if collapse is any different than losing any playoff series. They made it to the second round of the playoffs despite their best offensive player missing half of the season and playing at under 100% in the playoffs. Oh yeah, they also traded their best goalscorer during the off-season. As a fan, that's a season you can be happy with, especially when you know that a month later your team gets to draft an 18 year old franchise center that already puts you ahead of the curve when it comes to teams around the league that still haven't figured out that unless you have an elite puck distributor, you're not going to win ****.

We have nice pieces surrounding Gaborik and Lundqvist, too. Callahan. Dubinsky. Stepan. Avery. Staal. MDZ.
Sure, nice pieces. Not as nice as the competition, but nice.

A perennial 40 goal selfish player that just got his 100 million dollar ass benched and has never won a thing in the NHL of any importance. NO THANK YOU.
LOL. Selfish? How do you know what he's like? How do you know why he was benched? Like anyone is ever going to win anything spending their entire career with the Atlanta Thrashers. Hard to win something when you're never on a team that's in a position to win anything. Oh, yes, wait...their ONE playoff series against the Rangers. Right, that's clearly enough to close the book on this guy.

Actually, no. Sykora averaged .86 points/game in 99-00. Prospal averaged .77 points/game last year, for comparison. New Jersey's forwards weren't that special and certainly weren't following your "elite 1st round top-ten super scoring forward formula". Hell, Elias was drafted 51st overall and he's probably the best forward NJ has ever had.
How are you going to compare the 1999-2000 season to last year, when the rules of the league and the style of play that is prevalent in the league has changed so drastically? Last season there were 4 100 point scorers. In 99-00, there were none. 17 players reached the 80 point plateau last season, only 9 did in 99-00. My "formula" obviously is designed for success in today's NHL. Elias played 72 games that year, BTW. If he plays 82, he's one of the top 4-5 scorers in the league that season. They didn't have the best forwards, but in 99-00, that wasn't nearly as important as today. You needed the best goalie to win then. You don't anymore. You needed a suffocating defense to win then. Not today.

Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
Let me just add that since Kovalchuk was acquired (including last year, last year's playoffs, and this year) the Devils are an unremarkable 16-18-7 with him scoring 15 goals in 41 games.
So, let's throw out clearly meaningless factors like a team adjusting to the new player, player adjusting to the new team, brand new head coach, a number of aging over the hill players, etc. Because if they hadn't made the Kovalchuk trade, they'd be doing a whole lot better right now? Contrary to popular belief, the Kovalchuk trade isn't about trying to win one more with Marty. It's about what happens after Marty. All of the top teams around the league have 2-3 serious offensive threats. Going forward, the Devils do, too.

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