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10-05-2003, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by theoil
I know Mizral that it must be exasperating to have had to watch the Canucks all these years and that it must be exciting to finally have a half decent team to watch that is not a total embarrassment but still . . . there is such a thing as manners as well as not making a fool of yourself in public.

There are GM's (and coaches) who are pretty good at taking a bad team and making them mediocre (Sutters) or mediocre teams and making them good (Quinn) but there are very few GM's who can take a good team and make them exceptional. Since you have never had the latter experience I guess it is understandable that you don't understand the standards by which Oiler fans rate their team's personnel.

The answer to all your points is as simple as I am sure it is annoying. Because you have never watched a championship team being assembled you don't appear to have any idea about how it should be done.

I wouldn't be so blunt but your lack of manners seems to imply that subtlety is not your strong suit. Lowe has made several moves that I'm sure he would like to have back but at the end of the day your analysis of what makes a good GM seems to be about as shallow as a puddle down Lethbridge way come August.

If you wish to offer your insights where they might be more appreciated I can only suggest that a lot of Toronto fans seem to share your view of what counts as hockey smarts. They also seem to think they are close to winning a Stanley Cup.
I really think this is unfair. I haven't been cruel, mean, or rude in any of my posts, yet a few of you have been to me. Just because you disagree with me, does that give you the right to be a jerk?

Yeah, I know the Canucks suck. Big deal. Tell me what else is new. 33 years of ineptitude and we've never had anything close to what the Oilers have had in the '90's, much less the 80's. We probobly aren't going to win a cup next year or any time in the near to late future. This franchise probobly won't win a Cup until we're in Portland.

Do you think you are being a bigshot by telling me something I already know?

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