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10-25-2010, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by NJDwoot View Post
Sorry if this is a completely absurd question but..

The pros seem to rarely run into each other, their own teammates or oposing team, on accident.

In the beginner league I'll run into someone atleast once a game.. or get really close to it. so my question is - is there some kind of rule of thumb when turning and menuvering around the rink?

it generally is when I'm turning and they are turning we end up turning into each other... or one turns into the skating path of the other. Anyone else have this problem ?
I'm in my 3rd year of playing hockey an I started well into my 40s. the thing that helped me most was any chance I had I would stand on one foot and keep my head up focused on something in front of me while I try to stick handle a (ball if I was in my garage) or (puck on the ice) using peripheral vision. (don't forget to switch feet once in a while). I'm still not good at it but I have not had a full on head down hit with anyone in more than a year. I also play with some very good players who help me along and stay safe.

Look on the net there are a bunch of sites with drills for noobies that will help you evolve faster. and remember if you are playing with newbies you will have to play safe for two, or 10.

Have a great time and stick with it.

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