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10-26-2010, 03:29 AM
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For everyone saying $60 composites suck and $100 composites are quite a bit better, I agree FOR ICE HOCKEY, but remember that the OP is playing ball hockey. You're not getting much flex anyways shooting a light ball, "puck feel" isn't much of an issue with a ball, etc. I personally just have an all wood stick (Sherwood 5030) and a wood/ABS (some ridiculously heavy CCM) that I use for ball hockey, but all that you're really gonna notice for ball hockey is the weight of the stick and the curve, if you want a composite for ball hockey may as well go super cheap, I just don't think you'll notice the finer points of a stick much at all with a ball.

There is no such thing as a composite blade that is durable on rough asphalt, but on a smooth gym floor I'd think any blade should hold up decently, if anything the cheap composites tend to be more durable than the expensive ones (expensive sticks have thin walls to save on weight). I see you're from Halifax, I know Sport Check often has bottom of the line Bauers and Eastons for around $40-$50, would work fine for ball hockey in a gym IMO. If you were from Vancouver I'd just give you my crappy old Sherwood RM8 that I can't stand using on ice!

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