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10-26-2010, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Gulvorn View Post
One of the problems has been that Filatov hasn't really looked particularly well when on the ice with Rick Nash. We saw part of it in the first 4 games during the power play when they would both be out there, and they were completely not on the same wavelength on the ice. One out pass, the other would be miss it or not expect it, they'd get tangled up, be in the same spot, it didn't work out well.

Filatov had looked good in Sweden but he didn't look good since coming back to NA, maybe decent in one of the games. You can't really move him up to the top line with Nash because they don't seem to play well together.

Brassard has played a lot with Nash so it would make sense to pair them together, especially when Brassard just seems to play so good with him most of the time. Voracek and Brassard I thought, though not getting on the scoreboard, have been playing better creating scoring chances and shooting the puck, and competing without the puck over Filatov. And as a result, Filatov has seen less ice time.

Especially since other players have been playing with a lot more since of urgency then Filatov. Players like Wilson and McKenzie and Clark and Umberger have all looked better than Filatov.

Now true, he hasn't gotten much ice time the last couple of games. I suspect tonight, again, it was mostly because he doesn't match up against a physical obstruction team like Philly.

Against Edmonton, he'll probably see more ice time since they are a younger team and it is likely they aren't really as obstruction based as Philly.
How many times play Filatov and how many others?

Next, Brassard and Voráćek played BAD, in NA whorse than Filatov too (except game against I think Minnesota or Anaheim). And they will play with Nash. According logic they will play in the fourth line similar ice-time as Filatov now. Why not, why did they put to Nash?
Why did not make Arniel a line Umberger--Vermette--Filatov or Huselius--Vermette--Filatov (when Umby still played with Pahlsson). Nikita understand with Vermette and Huselius. According his logic (put to Voráćek and Brassard to Nash for bad achievments) he woul have to play there. But not. He will play to fourth line.

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