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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
Although people might say you have an obsession with Carter as far as making him goat boy I do think it is warranted. He is overrated and one dimensional and the fact it looks like he was dangled in a trade with Edmonton shows that maybe Holmgren doesn't have as much of a death grip on him as some might think especially given his start thus far. I would say if we had more of a supporting cast of offensive players the heat on him wouldn't be as much but given that he's viewed as a core player along with Richards is what gets under my skin b/c as you put it the guy just isn't enough of a factor on a consistent basis. My guess right now is he must be slowed by injury b/c he seems off with everything. But like Meltzer said when he had his two "broken feet" ..he didn't have a broken brain and the guy still exhibits poor decisions. He also seems to get frustrated easily when the puck is not going into the net for him b/c he's limited in creating offensively otherwise. Last night he was making horrible passing decisions and his shot selection again is undisciplined. He's gone on record as saying "everybody knows I like to shoot from anywhere and everywhere" and then also said "I'm not a hitter." Then he's "expressed" being more comfortable being at Center. I mean it seems all conditions have to be right for this guy to produce. Frankly I'm tired of seeing that befuddled look on his face when things are not going his way. At least with Richards he seems to fight through things and will get physical. Anyway, still have to give Carter time but he's wearing on me even more and I have always questioned his will power especially when the playoffs role around.

If the offense continues to avg under 3 goals a game like they have and are down there as among the leagues poorest's a no brainer he has to be leveraged no matter what the apologists say. Leveraging him will be a strictly business concern is his stock is taking a hit so if he picks it up it might be best to try and sell him high. Leveraging him into a couple of solid offensive players and a pick would be ideal. One of those players would have to be good at faceoffs obviously since we still rot at that and Carter at least holds his own in that dept. A trade to LA would be great...but I would want a good young player that produces somewhere in the mix like a Simmonds. Throw in a Handzus for the faceoffs and then another decent player and I'm ok. Obviously to really work out a decent deal to restructure the offense might have to include a Carle in the mix since we're heavy on D anyway. Heck send Zherdev out..he might do better out West anyway.
What frightens me about this squad....Richards and Carter have the same look on their faces after a bad shift, it is totally emotionless, void of expression. I do not want that to spread to the rest of the lineup.

I have called out Carter in the past because of what I have seen over the last year or so, a guy with all the talent and not as much heart. He did not run over my dog, or sleep with my wife, but watching my favorite team go out and see a guy with all the talent just go from shift to shift is totally frustrating to watch, this is my only beef. What is ever more frustrating and why I go around spouting the Cartsieisms is that people buy into the BS that if he scored 46 goals two years ago he should be able to do it again, which is not true.

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