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10-05-2003, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by loveshack2
I think if you took Lafleur or Dionne and subjected them to same training schedule, equiptment, nutrition, and supplements that todays athletes have, they'd do just fine. Similarly if Thorton had the training schedule of a hockey player from the 70's (that is, almost none) he would still be good, but not as dominant as you think.

I agree with you that the game is faster and players are bigger and stronger and have better reaction times, but that is largely due to the better science of today both biological and technological, as well as the year round dedication of todays athletes IMHO. Today's athletes do not have more "pure ability" than the oldies, they're just in better shape and have better equiptment.
Well, that's exactly what I'm saying... if you take guys like Thornton or Iginla the way they are currently with today's training schedule and everything and just throw them on the ice in the 70s they'd have a much, much easier time than right now... I wasn't saying if they were born 30 years earlier and brought up like the others of that time. Same for Lafleur or Dionne, take them in their 1970s mid-season shape and throw them in the game today and they would struggle a lot.

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