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10-26-2010, 04:37 PM
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I've admittedly only skimmed through some of these posts because they're pretty long.

The difference up to this point between teams with "toxic" contracts and the rangers is you need to find great value in other players. We have that in Del Zotto, Anisimov, MAYBE Stepan, and Dubinsky is looking like he'll be worth much more than his 1.8 cap hit. Everyone else on this team is making at least what they should probably make, and in a lot of cases more (Roszival, White, Eminger, Gilroy, Boogard, Drury) and obviously, prior to this season, many other names fall into that category.

Teams like the Hawks, Wings, etc. realize when it's time to spend and when it's not. You don't overpay for 3rd or 4th line guys, you don't overspend for 2nd or 3rd pair defenseman. They're a dime a dozen in this league, no matter how attached to certain ones you may get. When was the last time a team that did anything in the playoffs had the amount of bad contracts we've had at once without having a great player making far less than they should be do anything? The Hawks can deal with Campbell and Huet's contracts (and to a lesser extent Kim Johnsson no problem when Toews and Kane were making less than Campbell does a year combined and Keith and Seabrook were making less than Huet combined. Not to mention a guy like Hjamarlsson is making less than 700K, Niemi making 825K, etc.

Given, a lot of that is good drafting and getting into the lottery, but the Rangers have no excuse. If they do something with the picks they wasted on Brendl, Lundmark, Malhotra, Jessiman and Montoya who's to say they're not in a much better position today?

IMO It's fine to overspend on top 6 talent and top 3 defenseman in free agency. Anything else, you should really be able to find at fair value or produce in your system. There's no reason at all Boogard should make what he makes, there's no reason we should've signed Rissmiller or Voros, there's no reason for White or Eminger to be here, there was no reason to give Gilroy as much money as he got. All that stuff adds up. You can afford to have one or two mistakes, you can't afford to have ones as big as Drury's contract and then have smaller ones like the ones I've listed.

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