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10-26-2010, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Staal will be centering the line, Malkin goes to wing, actually makes a lot of sense from a number of angles.
Ah, knew it was one of the two.

It makes sense in a few ways but there's a few reasons why it might not work out. Seems like a boom or bust thing to me and, if I had to lean one way or the other, I'd probably go bust.

I'm not necessarily saying Pitt is much better or worse than us (though I'm leaning towards better), my point is that recent teams that have won the Cup and gone deep in general have identified the value guys like Kunitz/Cooke/Kennedy who aren't top-6 guys in their own right, but can play with great players and not look out of place.

I like the analogy of the steak dinner here. Take the Giroux-Richie-Powe experiment.

Steak - Richards, it's a very solid steak, maybe even a filet mignon.

Sides - Giroux. Giroux may not be a steak in his own right yet, but he's a delicious helping of mashed potatoes and vegetables. Good in its own right and it complements the steak well.

Beverage - Powe. Powe is the water. To make a steak dinner very good, you need a nice glass of red wine or something along those lines. But Powe is water. Water isn't terrible in its own right, but when you put it with steak, it tends to kind of suck because each time you take a sip of it, you're like "damn, why can't this be wine?" It constantly holds the dinner back.

Upshall was the definition of a great red wine in this example, something that can make the steak dinner very special.
I definitely agree, although I'm not a fan of the steak analogy. =P

This was a problem most recognized going into the season though (or at least I did). Going with three scoring lines without enough scorers to constitute three full lines and not having any legitimate third line checkers was something that I knew was worrisome.

The best guy that we had that fit the description that you made (a bottom six player capable of subbing in the top lines) was Asham and we let him go (to the Pens funnily enough). Beyond that the bottom six player that is even feasible enough to try on a scoring line is Carcillo and that isn't and probably won't work out.

Just another example of how Homer ****ed up.

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