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10-26-2010, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by saywut View Post
James Sheppard made this team at 19, with no AHL experience. Was expected to be a 50-60 point 2nd line center in his prime.
Cody Almond is 21, with some NHL experience, and into his 2nd season in the AHL. Is expected to be a 20-30 point 4th liner in his prime.
According to Hockeysfuture, Almond is rated as a 6.5B prospect right now. That equates to him being between 3rd and 2nd line actually.
Also, he saw 7 games last season with the Wild, and 48 with the Aeros (according to Wiki and not these two sources)before that was playing with the WHL, and no AHL experience in between those two.
So where is he expected to be only a 20-30 point 4th liner in his prime exactly??

And I wouldn't consider 7 games at the NHL level to be "some" that is barely even a taste.

According to Hockeysfuture, when Sheppard was drafted he was a 7.5 prospect, so in between 2nd and 1st line forward basically.

The difference between the two is one was assessed while still playing QMJHL while Cody was given the chance to go to Houston to play. What happens if Cody comes up as a better faceoff winner and is able to handle the forecheck a lot better than Sheppard could because of that experience? Instead of having a 21 year old come up with only 7 games in the NHL and expect him to not get eaten alive by some of the hard nosed centers that he would be going against at that moment? Didn't work for Sheppard so why would it work for Almond?

Originally Posted by saywut View Post
A major difference IMO. Keep in mind Madden was essentially a PK guy for the Hawks, as their 4th line didn't play all that much 5-on-5. And for him to sign with us tells me Chicago didn't want him back, at any price. By all means we can continue to play Madden if we feel no one in Houston is NHL-ready, but if someone is, John Madden's play shouldn't be keeping them out of the lineup.
Knowing the people that I know within the Chicago organization, I can tell you they wouldn't of minded having him there, but the $1.25M we gave him was probably still out of the price range they wanted to spend to a team that was already imploding as it was because of how many people they were letting go. That was 1.25 that probably brought up two more players to the NHL from Rockford that they needed to fill the voids. They loved him there not because of his point production, but because of what he was able to do on the line and his positive attitude. This is a guy who never scored more than 23 goals in his career, and he has 3 stanley cup rings. And food for thought:

Madden is regarded as one of the league's best defensive forwards; he was awarded the Frank J. Selke Trophy in 2001, and finished second in voting 2003, 2004 and 2008. His penalty-killing skills often generate breakaway chances while his team is shorthanded. Madden led the NHL and set a Devils' team record—and tied the NHL rookie record (G. Minor, Van., ’80-81)—by scoring six shorthanded goals during the 1999–00 season.
BTW, he scored all 10 of his goals for the Blackhawks at Even Strength. None on the PP or the PK:

Its also hard to get time when you have the team they had out there. He was brought in for a specific purpose to this team, just like Chicago needed him for.

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